Taiwan Trip Review: 士林夜市 (Shilin Night Market)

Saturday, September 13, 2008 Posted by YY on 12:17 PM

Shilin night market is one of the most famous night markets in Taiwan and most of us got to know about it through Jacky Wu's "十字路口" :D

We planned our itinerary to visit the night market first thing after settling down in our hotel, 21st June which was a saturday -> weekend and another weekday cos we knew it will be impossible to cover entire Shilin in one night.

Welcome to Shilin Night Market on a saturday. Visiting Shilin on a weekend + after 5hrs of flight(1st day in Taipei), proved to be a big mistake cos
1. We took longer than expected to find the MRT station in Ximenting
2. The crowds..omg so much pple on weekends
3. There were too much things to look at


Initially, we were abit puzzled as to why were there two areas for Shilin night market. It turns out that the stalls we kept seeing in 十字路口 , were actually housed under this common area for all food stalls. We kept thinking it was open air street hawkers..but it wasn't.

We alighted from 剑潭 station, and saw this long queue in front of the food centre. What are they queuing for?

Oh! The XXL chicken cutlet!

大肠包小肠 ..something we kept looking at but didn't dare to try cos it will make us full >_>''

K having the XXL chicken cutlet and me having red bean snow. The XXL chicken cutlet is crispy and very huge -> the entire chicken breast covered in batter. Best of all, its not tough.

Overview of the inside of the food centre.

We tried another item that was always mentioned on "十字路口", 棺材板 which consists of different types of fillings put into a crispy fried bread. We chose corn + smth and the bread was fried on the spot..not bad I would say.

Over the other side of Shilin night market, there were many stalls selling food, clothes, bags, shoes..and there I saw this funny poster. Since when did Johnny Depp take this poster? LOL~

Within Shilin night market area, there's some shopping malls with neoprint stalls and lotsa petshops. Selling all sorts of furry animals and the good thing is that the shop owners actually let you play and view the pets unlike in SG where you look at them behind the glass.

Husky, chihuahua, poodle..whatever you like, they have it.

And they have cats too =D

One thing to note is that the Taiwanese seems to like small dogs(e.g. chihuahua /cats quite alot, I see many people bringing their pets in pet carriers(like a bag) into shopping malls, cafes. There are also pets inside the shops! ~ I wish we can do this in SG too =(