Taiwan Trip Review: Taipei 101

Friday, September 12, 2008 Posted by YY on 12:27 AM

Its our first time in Taiwan, Taipei, so some time has to allocated for touristy place :/
Our impression of Taipei 101 was last seen at countdown celebration to Year 2008 on some SCV channel and all we saw was lotsa fireworks fizzling from the Taipei 101 building.

Little did we know, Taipei 101 is a shopping mall+ observatory, that is as big as Takashimaya..if not bigger -.-'

We took a shuttle bus service that took pretty long to arrive zzz~ but what to do? Its time to behave like tourists today~! 3 of us taking a random pic, guess the cold aircon relived the bad moods that were about to brew cos its such a HOT day.

Took an escalator down and K got excited when he saw 'TOY LAND'.

Spent some 40mins here at least with K looking around and YH wanting to buy this chocolate making toy. There she is, posing with the box cos I managed to dissuade her =X
Cos the machine was not good enough and it costs 63bucks but..its cute >.<

K having fun from taking these candid shots*the octopusy is cute*, think I developed a few more train lines from squeezing all my features together HOHOHO~

After lunch at the foodcourt (there was even a 新加坡圣淘沙 星国料理 which had whitish chao kway tiao on display o.O fail~) , we finally arrived at some english cafes located just below the entrance to the observatory.

Queueing to go into the observatory, there's a limit on the no. of people allowed at one go.
No pics here but the lift that goes all the wayyy from about 5th floor to 101th floor , takes only 37 seconds. The lift operator introduced Taipei 101 in 37 seconds, 3 languages(chinese, english, japanese) o wow~

Introduction on the Taipei 101 building.

We were up during 2pm plus which was bad cos it was so hot till the surroundings were foggy and we couldn't see any scenery except the roads surrounding the building.

But here's picasa to the rescue~ the pics here(Taipei 101 scenery) been edited using Picasa's "I am feeling lucky" function, the pic above after post editing is done.

Densely populated Taipei~

CKS memorial hall o.O

Wonder what is that straight road the runs through Taipei City..just like HK with Nathan Road that runs through the city.

And more buildings >_>'

On 9x th floors, you can view information on this Damper that keeps Taipei 101 building stable during natural disasters.

Got horoscope some more?!

The damper ~

Taipei 101 may not be one of the must visit places but its pretty ok cos you actually get to look at at the entire city for about 20+ sgd.

Off topic:
Recently, I have just been to one of the tourist spots in SG, SG flyer. SG flyer sux, you cannot even see road networks nor the top of buildings..epic phail and it costs 30bucks to go up there knn~