Advance Bread Making Lesson 2 (19/10/08)

Friday, October 24, 2008 Posted by YY on 11:00 PM

It has been weeks since we had our last advance bread lesson. In lesson 2, we are doing:
1.) Hot water dough
You actually pour boiling water into the flour, then chill that piece of dough. Afterwhich, defroze till its 6 degree celcius then mix bit by bit into the rest of ingredients.

2.) Turtle Streusel Cardamon Bread
This is a very sweet dough..there's condense milk, lotsa sugar and honey in it >_<

3.) No time dough
As the name suggests, you don't need to proof this for long..normally bakeries fill this kind of bread up with tasty fillings.

The high sugar dough is so watery and soft.

After some 20mins of churning, the 'window pane' is finally formed..which means we can round the dough for proofing.

K's busy washing the stuffs, so I tried my best to round the dough.

Meanwhile, the 'Hot water dough'(part of it) is finally out of the freezer. To let it gain temperature to 6 degree celcius, Judy suggested that we can cut it into smaller pieces and mix it into the main dough..bit by bit.

The hot water dough is finally and ferment.

This is the 'No time dough'..looks pretty tough to me. Yes, I rounded this dough as well.

Meanwhile the 'High sugar dough' is to be divided into separate portions to make TURTLES! But it didn't grow very much..makes me worried, cos my rounding skills might be quite poor.

After doing 2 main turtles, we had extra dough left o.O
So I used my "agaration" skills to make one baby tortise and an egg w.o using the weighing scale --! So there you have 2 adult turtles, 1 baby and 1 egg.

Clockwise from top left: Before baking, the turtles were coated with egg wash; the turtles after baking (had sprinkled some nuts and chocolate in the shell's cavities; close up on baby tortise; underneath of baby tortise. It's actually no good to bake the small doughs together with the big ones, cos they get cooked faster -> chao ta looking.

Once a upon a time,

there were 2 adult turtles who wanted to play mahjong. So they waited for another two players, their children. Days passed, rain and shine..the baby turtle grew up and joined in the wait for the one last player, his brother/sister. But the egg did not hatch and so the turtles waited till they became chao ta from basking in the sun.

- The End -

This is the hot water dough, its to be folded and dipped into water then bread crumbs. This is to be baked with bread crumbs..interesting~

Meanwhile, K got busy with the stove. He's cooking the black pepper chicken fillings that is to go into the 'No time dough'.

After filling up the 'No time dough' with black pepper chicken(cooled of course). Pic above shows the bread before baking and below pic shows the final product.

The 'Hot water dough' baked with bread crumbs.

And filled with tuna+mayo+celery+onion in the middle! YUMMY!!! =D

The lesson was real hectic, despite starting on time with others..we still ended up as one of the last few to leave class. So we conclude the reason being..we didn't go and fight for oven space with the AUNTIES, that's why we were always the last few.
Does this make sense?