Cooking Expedition (19/10/08)

Tuesday, October 21, 2008 Posted by YY on 11:55 PM

K decided to cook dinner on a Saturday so we got our stuffs from Cold Storage and got down to work at 6pm plus =X

Dinner menu:
Soup - Butternut soup

Main Course
- Pan fried salmon with spaghetti in Aglio Olio style.

Side dish
- Baked potato with sour cream and bacon bits.
- Asparagus wrapped in bacon.
- Baby carrots

The butternut frm Cold Storage, expensive veggie for about $8. Weird serial number.."This is ButterNut #4759 reporting, Sir!"

Other ingredients: Baby carrots, asparagus, bacon, salmon.

We got down to some serious work..
From top left, clockwise: K skinned the butternut; the butternut was cut into two and half was used for the soup; meanwhile I wrapped the bacon around two "sticks" of asparagus; one whole potato for each person.

The butternut soup was finally done after blending the butternut pieces in the blender and cooking it with water,onions. Since we had no chicken stock, K threw half a pc of chicken cube into the soup..O_O

K had this pan grill that can create grill marks on the meat, so we used it to pan fry the salmon. It was unfortunate that there were no salmon steak on sale, so we got whatever there was for about $7.50 and cut it into 2 portions. K was very careful to prevent overcooking of the salmon.

One side is finally done~ now for the other..

Meanwhile, I used the next stove for pan frying the carrots..but they never seem to get soft, until K suggested using a toothpick to try poking through to see if they are done. I would suggest to boil this directly next time -_-' * yy is not patient*

Finally some food were ready to be placed on the serving plate.

I picked up the pan and started "grilling" my asparagus that were wrapped by bacon, using low heat. But somehow..this wouldn't get soft :@ In the end, we baked this XDD

We were finally done for dinner at 8pm plus *sweat*
A few things we did wrongly..
1.) To use chicken cube in a butternut that chinese taste *bleh*
2.) Pan frying the carrots, asparagus *or anything that is round for that matter*
3.) Using some light sour cream that didn't melt on the potato.

But overall, the salmon was well done except the skin could have been crispier..but K argued the cooking of the skin maybe result in overcooked salmon. I was glad that the carrots and asparagus were edible after stir frying/baking them =D