Advance Bread Making Lesson 3 (26/10/08)

Sunday, October 26, 2008 Posted by YY on 10:12 PM

Today's lesson teaches another new concept of bread making:
Using master sponge and pate fermente(old dough).

We are making three kinds of bread today:
- Black Pepper Cheddar Bread
- Rye Onion Turban Walnut Bread
- Potato Cheese Bread

We started making the black pepper cheddar bread first.
The old dough is mixed into the main dough only when the main dough is almost done.
While waiting for dough to proof for 30mins, let me introduce the ingredients: 90g of cheddar cheese cubes and rough black pepper bits.

The dough was finally out after 30mins of proofing in the proofer. To mix in cheese cubes, fold them in by hand.. pretty fun hehe~

K's hand in action.

The next bread to be done in a similar method is the rye onion turban walnut bread.
I hate walnuts @_@''

Mix the walnuts in at the end ~

And fold in the onions by hand. Seriously, the onions were really irritating at this stage cos they kept sticking out. But what we do not know next is..we are going to roll this into a 14" stick -_-'

While other stuf were proofing, its time to start making the potato cheese bread. This bread uses MASH POTATO O_O, white pepper and grated cheddar cheese.

While the potato bread went into the proofer, we took out the onion bread and separated them into 6 portions. Then these dough got rest disobedient -> refused to go where we rolled they had to rest >=0

Rolling that round dough into a 14" stick took us sooooo long -__-
We were supposed to use the 6 sticks (3 by 3) and plait them into a turban fit for a Sikh.

After plaiting the turban, it went straight into the pics there. The potato bread is finally ready for more action.

Judy wanted us to separate the dough into 8 bits of 25g make daisies! There you go, our daisies. The two separate small doughs are leftovers.

Sifting semolina flour onto the cheddar cheese bread, then cutting 4 slits on its surface.And off to the oven it goes!

The turban by K..looks better than mine :@

The final products, clockwise from top left: The potato bread (overall); onion turban bread; closeup on the daisy; black pepper cheddar bread.

These are lean doughs that are even suitable for diabetes *no sugar added* but slightly hard in crust. I hope they(family) will finish it this time round and not throw it into the bin >:0