YY makes panini on her own (27/10/08)

Thursday, October 30, 2008 Posted by YY on 11:41 PM

Judy gave us some of the leftovers from the sponge dough and pate fermente from class(on 26th) ,and she said those who take back must practise ar!

So YY decided to make panini using sponge method(the sponge cannot be kept for long) before the sponge dough goes bad. After doing some calculations to convert the recipe, here I am doing panini on my own! It's my first time doing bread, all on my own, using hands only.

*All pics are taken by K

The initial mixture before adding olive oil.

After adding olive oil and some kneading, the dough starts to look smoother.

After some more kneading and "beatings", the 'window pane' is out! *Tired arms*

1st fermentation...

30mins passed...the dough grew ABIT -_-'

Punched down the main dough and divided into 4 portions. Rolled them out and hmm~ they look horrendous -> pimpled face. Duno why =(

2nd proofing requires the dough to rise double in size before baking. Here it is..looking quite puffy and soft.

Woot!! Finally out of the oven and don't they look cute >.<
On sidenote, I wonder why it looks dry on the surface..why??