Cooking Expedition (01/11/08)

Sunday, November 02, 2008 Posted by YY on 10:59 PM

I decided to set a challenge for K tonight, that is to cook lamb meat for dinner. It's a challenge cos K has not cooked lamb for me before -_-'

The most important thing to start with, the sauce for the lamb. Ingredients are: Onions, one small portion of lamb meat, onion soup, water.

And one more thing, red wine to complement red meat. Nah~ its used in the sauce for that adult flavour. Expensive >.<

Saute the onions around then add in the lamb meat.

Add in the red wine, cook for awhile and K burns off the alcohol. Lotsa flames but my camera was too slow! :@

Adding some onion soup to give it extra flavour.Let it simmer for about 30mins.
Viola~ the gravy is done and now we adjourn for a break till evening time..

Some basic aromatics, onions, garlic and chilli padi(for arribiata sauce).

Side dish for the day is sauteed mushrooms and diced canned tomatoes for the spaghetti.

Lamb shoulder marinated with rosemary on the grill pan. *grill marks dun appear though -_-* After cooking the lamb, we kept it warm in the oven cos the rest of the stuffs are not done yet.

Sauteed mushrooms with some parsley flakes.


Meanwhile, I started cooking the linguine and I didn't expect them to be this wide. Hmm~its my first time cooking linguine.

K decided to do some caramelized onions to complement his lamb.

Diced tomatoes cooked with garlic, onion and chili padi. This is the arribiata sauce. However, diced tomatoes seems to be too "diluted" for spaghetti sauce making, so tomato sauce came to the rescue! Now, tomato puree seems to be a good idea.

Finally completed just before 8pm. The final touches...putting sauce, arranging the spag and food.

I would say the lamb is quite well done, except that the tendons were too hard for my "fake" teeth (weak teeth). The sauce was pretty tard after adding the red wine, unexpectedly..adding sugar gave us the right recipe and Chef K was so proud of his sauce *lol*

Caramelized onions didn't really blend, but well they were sweet. Maybe more research has to be done on the side dishes that complements lamb better.