Advance Bread Lesson 4 (02/11/08)

Monday, November 03, 2008 Posted by YY on 11:53 PM

In the final lesson, we are doing another indirect method - using Pate Fermente and Poolish method.

Breads to be made are:
1. French Baguette
2. Asian Baguette
3. Grated Carrot Bread with Fresh Herbs
4. Pain de Campagne (French Country Loaf)

Did the french baguette dough with poolish first.
Poolish is a very watery pre ferment sponge which adds flavour to the bread due to 12 hours of fermentation. This baguette does not contain any oil..just water, salt, flour and yeast.

Ingredients for the carrot bread: Olive oil, parsley, thyme(italian herb), chopped onions and freshly grated carrots and the white sticky stuff is the old dough aka pate fermente.

Adding pate fermente at one go for this bread made it hard for even blending. -_- Lesson learnt, put a little at a time XD

Afterwhich, olive oil is added..then carrots and other stuffs. This is a wet dough which requires some kneading by hand.

The baguette dough has fermented for 30mins, time to divide and shape it into oval shape.

Let the dough rest and roll it into 14". WHAT 14"?? Took us a long long time to actually roll out this no oil dough -_-''' Pic above is the baguette that's half done with rolling out.

While the baguette start proofing in the proofer, we started on the country loaf.

The baguettes are finally done with 2nd proofing, time to cut the slits and bake them right away!
Steam oven makes baguettes with thicker crusts, a water sprayer can be used at home if one does not have an oven with steam function.

The carrot bread is finally done with 2nd proofing, time to cut the designs on it and bake it~

Multi tasking...doing asian baguette after sending in the carrot bread into the oven. Using delay salt method(adding salt last) in the asian baguette recipe as suggested by Chef Liu(asst. instructor). *Chef Liu makes really delicious breads btw.. YUMMY~*
And we were shown how to fold the dough into a baguette using 2 different methods, pretty interesting.

Pic above: Window pane formed for the asian baguette dough finally!

Our non standard "slited" baguette..alot alot more practice is needed for cutting the slits man..

The inside of the french baguette. The french baguette is not as soft as the asian one and is actually thicker in crust..more chewy in texture. The asian version is also whiter, this is due to the shortening added into the Asian's version.

Carrot bread is finally out.

The insides of the carrot bread.

Update: -
After letting 2nd uncle, parents and colleagues try this bread..we had some mix reviews. The 50s~ 60s pple did not like it, they found it had a weird taste. The 70s to 80s pple found it very nice. WEIRD EH? lol~

Country loaf before baking..omg we are the last few to leave again for today =((

After baking~ nicely browned.

The insides.
Update: I just tried the loaf on Tuesday(2days after), its pretty plain but chewy and soft in texture.

There are 4 more mini asian baguettes and 2 full size 14" baguettes(from Chef Liu's demo) for the 2 of us to bring home..I cannot be bothered to post the ugly baguettes I cut >_<'

There's sooooooo much bread. Luckily, there's always free white mice in office =D