Guai shu shu Part II (21/11/08)

Sunday, November 23, 2008 Posted by YY on 12:15 AM

I was feeding the kitties alone and zaizai ran to the lift landing after the meal.
Suddenly, I turned to my right and there was the GSS I met last friday.

ME : Oh hi!
GSS: I am stanley *extends hand*
ME : Oh, joey here. *shakes hand*
GSS: 你又来喂猫啊?
ME : 是啊
GSS: 刚放工啊?
ME : 对啊
GSS: 交换个电话号码嘛~
ME : 不需要吧?
GSS: 就当交多个朋友嘛

*Buibin who missed the dinner suddenly came out from the drink machine area and went MEOOOWWWW, saying that it wants its usual wet food for dinner*

ME : Oh come you are suddenly awake? Come..come
Buibin: MEEEOOOWWWW!!! Attempts bua(rub) GSS at the feet.
Zaizai : *Runs towards buibin's direction and circles at GSS's feet too*
GSS : Ahhhhh...*takes his feet up to avoid rubbing from the cats*
ME : *Sniggers*
GSS : 对不起。。我怕小动物! *continues to avoid the cats but they keep circling him cos they recognise pple by feet, as such maybe they think he's(<- K cos K wears jeans)
ME : *Laughs aloud*
ME : Ookok *pours dried food for buibin*
GSS : In this case, I give you my number. 9xxxxxxx
ME : *Keys in number*
GSS : S t a n l e y . Give me a miss call please.
ME : Oh later ba, I have alot of things on hand.
GSS : Need help? Do you want a drink? I buy you a drink.
ME : need lah. I am going off soon.
GSS : Then shall I walk you to the bus stop?
ME : No need..I am going to the other bus stop. *points to afar*
GSS : Oh ok, you want any drink?
ME : No need lah, see you..
Buibin: *Looks at me with forlorn looks cos there's no wet food for dinner*
Luilui : *Follows me*
ME : *Hides one corner to play with luilui* *faked departure* ~_~

Till date, I haven give him a miss call yet hehe~