Where did zaizai go? (20/11/08)

Saturday, November 22, 2008 Posted by YY on 12:04 AM

We didn't visit the kitties on 19th Nov morning *cos we were supposed to bring them for sterilization* and in the afternoon, zaizai was missing in action -> spared the ordeal.

The following morning, 20th nov..zaizai was still missing. It didn't appear for breakfast.
It got me worried but zaizai is such a sleepy head it won't be surprising if it overslept. So we fed the other 2 kitties and left for work.

While walking towards the overhead bridge, we both heard some soft mews coming from the grass near the multi storey carpark. As I walked nearer, the mews sounds urgent..thinking it maybe the new white kitten we saw on 18th Nov, I took out my dried food container and started shaking it as I traced the source of the mews. *Shake shake shake* then I heard "MEOWWWW MEOWWWWWWW MEOOOOOOOOWWWW!!!" with echos. K then went into the carpark to investigate cos we were sure that the cat is trapped somewhere. However, instincts told me that the cat could be trapped in the meter room, so I unlatched the door..

AND THERE IS ZAIZAI! Trapped in the meter room -.-''' Why on earth is it doing inside..I have no idea totally. After opening the door, zaizai came out after awhile *prolly adjusting to the light* and it was totally lost and even followed the wrong pair of legs -> got kicked -_-''

Then I fed it 1 whole can of dried food..poor zaizai his stomach was flat, I guess it got trapped for about 1 day at least.

In the evening, zaizai was sleeping at 6pm+ and nearly missed its dinner. Luckily K found it at the gunny sack and ate humongous amounts of food again. It actually whined a few times..first time hearing such sounds from a cat, zaizai went "MMeeeoOOoowWW" *high to low, low to high pitch*

Another lucky thing that happened was, we found crookie's new hideout! As zaizai was mewing desperately, crookie appeared *prolly due to my shaking of dried food* and she's actually living in the multi storey carpark.

My darling kitties <3 <3