2 gongkias, 2 half day leaves and 3 cats (19/11/08)

Thursday, November 20, 2008 Posted by YY on 11:18 PM

The story goes like this..
2 humans, Koose and Joose who loved 3 stray cats near their workplace decided to bring them for sterilization. The appointment was 20th Nov and since the cats needed to fast a day before surgery, the humans decided to bring them to the vet on 19th Nov for a stayover *@ the vet's*

19th Nov 12 noon, the two humans took a half day leave and brought 2 carriers with them to carry the 3 cats by cab to the vet located at Choa Chu Kang.

With their hearts thumping the humans walked to the usual feeding area, buibin and luilui appeared and the atmosphere was tensed. Did the cats sense what is about to happen?? O_O

After much difficulty, buibin and luilui were lured and packed into the carriers but where's zaizai??? "Nvm", said Koose. "We will bring the two then" They both then walked slowly down the stairs to bring the "struggling carriers"(struggling cats) to the bus stop where they will flag a cab down to Choa Chu Kang.

Then Luilui started wailing pitifully and knocking her paws and head/body against the carrier. Koose melted and let the carrier down on the floor while Joose followed suit. Suddenly, "BUZZ!"
..the zipped carrier bursted open and Buibin ran up the slope *back to their home* OMG how did she escaped. *K later say we should count our lucky stars that the zipped area was not facing the road else Buibin would have dashed into the traffic* T_T So we let Luilui out of the carrier and she went running up the slope too.

The two humans looked at each other o.o *tio koosed* and went up to look for the kitties again to pacify them and luckily, they still came out for food. 2 half day leaves were over in 30mins.
4 living things were traumatised from this incident.

But still where's zaizai?

Since nothing could be done, we cancelled the vet's appointment and went to try this 1 for 1 lunch at Tomo Izakaya(@ Clarke Quay Area) offer by DBS credit card.

The Joose still traumatized after 1hour. O_O I could only manage this expression.

The Koose.

Ambience restaurant with lotsa orange lights.

Live band sings on weekends.

Lunch offer menu. Get 1 DBS set A or B and choose another set for free.

K's set which costs $25, sashimi, cold noodles, tempura, salad and some fried oyster/prawns.
Verdict: Not worth the money. Sashimi was not fresh enough, cold noodles were NOT COLD -.-'
I would rather be eating at Sun & Moon @ The Central.

My diced beef set that comes with salad, soup and rice as well.
Verdict: The beef CUBES came in about 2cm by 2cm..so thick that even K could not chew them.

Wasabi Tei WINS by thousands of times.

We decided to drop by Haji Lane with 2 huge carriers and rain ._. Suay things come together.
Ahh House of Japan. Well, the smell was not the turn off but the clothes were TOO BIG, TOO LONG RAWR~ Nevermind..

Some interesting shop front. The whole shop was in nicely decorated, ah I wish I live in there.

Tired feet need a rest..so we took shelter from the rain @ this "kopitiam".

Tea break set @ $3.50. I know it looks like breakfast.

After that, K went to meet his seller for his NDS screen at Bugis. Later on, I went for dinner with Beng, Wu and Ks while K returned home for dinner.
What a half day leave we had ~_~