Orgo Bar and Lab @ Central with Mixologist, Tomoyuki Kitazoe

Thursday, November 20, 2008 Posted by YY on 11:03 PM

What would you expect to see at Clark Quay on a Monday night? People partying?
Strangely, it was a quiet night with not much people..recession hitting fast and hard?

Just in front of Orgo Bar and Lab, is Singapore River littered with all sorts of bars and pubs differentiated by the different neon lights.

Orgo Bar counter*ignore time on pic* , K noticed that they served Grey Goose Vodka not Absolute Vodka.

Other cushion seats located "inland". Cozy fuzzy place.

For a limited time, the mixologist, Tomoyuki Kitazoe will be mixing your drinks at Orgo. The poster says,"Tomoyuki Kitazoe will change your idea of a perfect drink forever." o.O
With that, we decided to have some drinks here after a fulfiling bowl of ramen at Marutama.

We chose a seat facing the Singapore River. Behind K, is this air conditioned glass window/wall function room which is available upon request. You will need a large group of people to qualify for this room.

Soon, someone came and explained the menu to us. There are three menus covering cocktails, juices, mocktails..etc~ In fact, the staff taking order said the mixologist would be able to whip up anything. If we do not want alcohol, we can order a cocktail item but specify that we want it mocktail style or juice style and the cost would be -$5 from the cocktail's price.

While we were placing our orders, another staff came and gave us each a packet of wet tissue. We were in a dimly lit area, and the staff was so gentle that I felt he was going to invite me for a dance with his hands outstretched *to pass me tissue* LOLOLOL~ "May I?"

A complimentary glass of grapes, red mixed with black and mint leaves for deocration.

K's order: Grilled passion fruit martini.This item comes with a vodka shot which is supposed to be drank before the martini. K feels grey goose vodka rox but its 40% alcoholic content..

My mocktail: Green mango and marojam martini. Marojam is a herb which gives off a citrus flavour. This mocktail is made of fresh mango juice and by adding the herb, it gives the drink a refreshing feel. And the juice was cold for a long time, thats nice.


*Alert* Underage boy drinking alcohol!
K really looks like 18 lol~ Finally finishing his vodka shot, he tries his fresh passion fruit martini and oh wow..K says the drink is fantastic and never thought martini would be so smooth. After the drink, K proceeds to eat his passion fruit with the fork provided. *yummy*

The total damage. $5 discount for converting martini to mocktail *my order* GST and Service charge is always a killer *rawr*

Verdict: Its abit on the expensive side but its interesting that they use fresh fruits for cocktails/mocktails cos more often than not, you get cordials. So all in all, quite an experience I would say.