Yet another weird stranger

Wednesday, November 19, 2008 Posted by YY on 11:31 PM

Was feeding the kitties as usual yesterday (18/11) and cleaning up after them.
I was trying to scrape everything off the ground when suddenly a guy came up to me and offered me tissue. I noticed he was at his car doing some stuffs for a few times, probably living near there or waiting for someone.

Guy: *Walks over with 2 pcs of tissue* 拿去用吧~!
Me : Eh thank you... *proceeds to clear the scrapes*
Guy: 你每天来喂猫啊?看到你几次了
Me : 对啊
Me : *Walks to bin to dump the tissue*
Guy: *Walks over* Tissue 整包给你用吧..
Me : 不用了啦,上班要迟到了 *walks off quickly* O.o