Own a car means big fuck?

Monday, November 17, 2008 Posted by YY on 9:39 AM

I "saw" this motorist slammed into car's bck due to sudden stop in traffic flow *opposite queensway shopping centre*

We(those waiting for bus)were seeing the "accident" right in front of us. The sound was so loud that I turned and saw the motorist fell down his bike but got up.

The driver got out stared at him, looking very rude in the face. He then talked to the motorist ..staring down(cos his bike is lower mah) at him. Presumably scolding him cos we could hear some high volume noises at about 3m away. After talking like a Ah Beng, the driver turned and examined HIS BUMPER for a few times with an impatient look on his face. He returned to his car, took a notepad and recorded down the motorist's particulars.

THEN HE EXAMINED HIS NON EXISTENT DAMAGE @ THE BUMPER FOR A FEW TIMES before letting the motorist go. What the fuck lah~

If YOUR CAR is SO PRECIOUS, you can keep it at home. Don't drive please, don't be a hazard to others.

Drive car big fuck ah..your car is just a normal 5 seater *laughs*