2nd attempt at Ciabatta + prime ribs

Monday, December 15, 2008 Posted by YY on 10:27 PM

Today we are trying another ciabatta recipe at 67% water content but contains olive oil @_@
And K wanted to try cooking prime ribs again so we invested in a $9+ row of prime ribs.

The sponge dough this time was not as wet due to less water content. This is how it looks after one night.

The dry ingredients for the main dough + sponge from last night+ water + oil..looks messy.

After 10mins of mixing and folding by K..seems like a dough is forming. *I am using eye power today*

After near 30mins of folding, the window pane finally appears! K has tired arms now *wekekeke*

Remember to put olive oil on the working area else your bread will have to be sold with it..this recipe produces really sticky dough. K struggling to "round" the ciabatta dough.

Clockwise from top left:The ciabatta dough after first proofing of 1 hour; K folded the dough and placed the folded openings at the bottom; Ciabatta dough after 1st folding(30mins), then 2nd folding is done *not in pic*; K separated the ciabatta into 2 portions and did 3rd folding individually.

In the process of separating the ciabatta dough into two portions, K bursted some air bubbles..so we wondered if it would be better to actually separate them in the beginning. Its evident that one is bigger than the other >_>

Potential ingredients for homemade BBQ sauce: Mustard, honey, Hp sauce, tomato sauce, black pepper, rosemary, chilli sauce, apple cider, olive oil. After some experimenting, we came up with our own version of BBQ sauce..tastes tangy but K says that apple cider should be gone after cooking so we shall see.

The latest investment for dinner: $9+ frozen prime ribs which translates to 5 bones for one person..that's little. Remove any tendons and fats from the ribs.

Clockwise from top left: First application of sauce and cooking the ribs for about 10mins on one side; apply sauce for the other side and cook for another 10mins; cook for another 20mins then wrap it up in aluminium foil and seal up the sides to cook for another 1.5hours.

Since we only have one oven, the ribs have to stay out for about 40mins so that we can bake the ciabatta zzzz~

Ciabatta nicely browned this time. I think this recipe is tons better than last week's.

I was idling with the camera and snooping around the kitchen when I saw a cat opposite K's kitchen window. WTF is it doing on the ledge?? K says the owner doesn't care and their cats are always hanging around there, sometimes sitting down below at the edge ~_~''

Its freaking 12 floors..the cat must have thought that it really has got eight lives to spare.

Preparing for carrot soup and tomato as side dish.

Tomato with some pepper and kraft cheese. Kraft cheese is a bad idea, it doesn't melt.

The ciabattas were finally cooled and wee~ they look much more presentable than the previous attempt ^^

Dinner time finally~ 8pm..carrot soup as starter.

Baked tomato with cheese, grilled prime ribs with ciabatta bread.

I would say that the cooking method is pretty good cos I didn't have to spend much effort removing the flesh from the bones. The BBQ sauce no longer tastes as sour..its pretty good except rosemary is disturbing my tastebuds so prolly omit that next time round. And marination time should be increased so that the meat absorbs more flavour.

Dessert: Grilled bananas..I know they don't look platable. @_@''


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