The year is coming to an end

Saturday, December 13, 2008 Posted by YY on 12:11 AM

It's gonna be 2009 soon and BY RIGHT, it should be the year that I told myself*years agooo..* that I would start embarking on my dream*or at least I thought it was my dream*
My wish *not dream* was to be a millionaire by 27.

Ok, so where am I along this rat race? Nowhere.
1,000,000? Nowhere near..I need to remove many zeros.

I was on course this week, for some secure coding certification by a well-known company. There's an exam coming up in Jan 09 and marks were given for class participation in these 4 days of course.

This is unnecessary stress.
Seriously, why do I want this certification for?
Replacement for toilet paper?
To please my boss?
To get higher salary? *I think there's gonna be a wage freeze next year*
I can't even remember where I chucked my last IT related certificate.

I hate this rat race. One morning when I was attending a course @ Shenton's Way, I saw hurried footsteps of all these office workers..I wondered what I am doing in the midst of them.
That sight irks me.

I wish to withdraw from this lousy race that I did not even want to participate in, in the first place. I need to go elsewhere.