Boxing Day

Saturday, December 27, 2008 Posted by YY on 11:26 PM

My boxing day activities started at 9.30am ..prepared and met up with K for lunch at Bedok.
But the hawker centre was closed *hurmph* and my boxing day was nearly ruined.

Anyway, we had lunch and took a bus to visit some kittens that were posted for adoption (by a EDMWer). What a hot day it was >_<'

Thanks to the helpful guy who took care of the 5 kittens + mama cat. This litter lives on the 12th storey and everyday mama cat climbs 12 storeys to look for them. However, its a really really dangerous area for the kittens. Cos they can fall through the staircase landing and go right down to 1st floor/in between or fall through the gaps (to downstairs straight) at HDB corridoors.

Sigh~ its like waiting for accidents to happen and one of the kittens, K2(named by their care giver) went missing and didn't return for many days.

Mama is blue eyed, so are her kittens >_<

After all the playing and prancing around, the cats and humans got tired and decided to take a rest so off we went to Far East Plaza to shop around. We ended up at "a slice of life" ice dessert shop.

Chocolate banana with peanuts and ice shavings was pretty good, but $4.50 is expensive.

Went to Whisk Cafe to try their stuff cos we saw their review on but then..

K makes better ribs than they do.
Fries are hard.

I would have expected some fries along Long John's Silver standard.

I ordered half roasted chicken and it was ok. The veggies could have been better, I guessed sauteed veggies would give it more oomph than caramelized carrots/onions/potatoes.

Overall, the meal added to $37+..eeeee waste money.