Making Challah on Christmas Day(25/12/08)

Saturday, December 27, 2008 Posted by YY on 10:15 PM

It's the 25th of Dec today and I am having a splitting headache zzz...meanwhile, K is trying out an online recipe for the challah bread. The challah bread is eaten on a holiday and as such K decided to do this bread on X'mas Day.

The challah contains plain flour, olive oil, sugar, eggs and of course yeast and salt. After mixing, it looks one whole sticky mess.

K applying what he learnt from a youtube video on handling high hydration dough, which is to use the scraper to fold/knead the dough till smooth.

Finally it looks decent enough to start its 1st proofing.

1 hour grew by double. We were unsure if this dough will become a challah bread cos it looks sticky and wet -_-
Punch down(above pic is after punch down) and another half hour for 2nd proofing.

After a total of 1.5 hours of proofing, K divided the dough into 6 portions and slowly proceed to roll them out into 14" each. Hmm~ amazingly the dough was able to stretch this long.

One marble slab was not K "screamed","There's no space!" and another marble slab came into action. Braiding of 6 strands of dough into a challah bread.

I can't describe how to braid this thing cos I got confused myself LOL~ only K knows what he's doing.

Closeup on the braiding and apply one layer of egg wash and proof till double in size.

Overall view. The oven tray is only that long, so is the the bread will have its ends squashed @_@''

Applying second layer of egg wash before baking. The purpose of applying two layers of egg wash is to let the bread have a nice color.

Interesting effect that braiding has on the bread's outlook.

The texture of the bread.

Close up texture. It's really quite addictive cos texture wise it is soft and fluffy. Taste wise, its abit sweet *slurp* and most of all, it's still soft up till now (2days later).