Merry X'mas to all~

Wednesday, December 24, 2008 Posted by YY on 10:51 PM

I am happy to say that I am on leave till Monday =D
But at the same time, I am bored -.-
I am hard to please.

My x'mas present to myself: Shoes from Vivie! I started wearing shoes from Vivie since a year ago and I am totally won over because of comfort and good design.

This time round its a pair of silver heels. $43 for this pair of heels is pretty worth it considering it should serve me for 6months to 1 year unlike Charles & Keith shoes that lasted me for only 1 month *dun ask me why*

My present to K from Elle Homme, a simple office bag.

Some weeks ago, I bought some stuffs from a Taiwan Yahoo Seller. My main aim was getting the boots..thinking to leave them for CNY though. Since I was getting 2 pairs of boots, I thought why not get more stuffs to make my postage worth? So I bought some "hair sponge balls", fringe clip, a dress and etc.

The yellow sponge balls are invented by the Japanese and they are supposed to give you curls. So how does it work? First twirl your hair and make sure it stays within the inside of the sponge ball. To make smaller curls, twirl with "more force" so that the diameter of the inside is smaller.

Half done head of mine. According to the seller, on average a head needs about 10 balls. So I bought 10 pcs at NT5 each. From experience, I would say its more suitable for people with long hair cos its hard to twirl when your hair is too short/layered.

I took them off after 30mins. Then slept on my curls till next morning, I ran my fingers through my hair and the curls sorta went away but at 8pm+ it was still slightly curly. Well, not bad at all.

It's a half day today, I went to Bioskin to redeem my leftover member pts. Did O2 plasma facial and eye lash perm while K went for eye treatment XDD
His first facial experience was quite ok..he fell asleep apparently.

We took a bus-> MRT to The Central and had Marutama again *yes again..*

Then Meiji green tea ice cream with banana at a fruit stall located at the basement. *YUMMY*

And so, my christmas eve is ended..
Merry Christmas to ALL!