Chocolate Making 2nd attempt~ (07/12/08)

Monday, December 08, 2008 Posted by YY on 11:25 PM

Time to make use of the new cup design mould we bought yesterday. This time we had the hair dryer with us, for drying the moulds and warming the bowl to melt the chocolates.


To make chocolate shells:
- 70% dark chocolate buttons

To make fillings:

* Mango filling:-
- Glucose, milk powder, 70% white chocolate buttons, cream, mango puree.

* Lemonchino filling:-
- Limoncino, 70% dark chocolate buttons, cream, butter.

K, drying the heart mould cos it got mouldy *dun ask me why, its not supposed to happen* using the hair dryer.

Tempering chocolate. Basic rule is to keep below 45 degrees to melt it into molten form then maintaining 30-33 degrees all the way.

Chocolate has been melted and now we are putting ladles of it into the mould to make the chocolate cups.

Cups and hearts shells are ready to be chilled in the fridge.

Making the fillings for today. The first one is alcoholic filling using the Limoncino that we bought during our Taiwan trip back in July 08.

Boiling cream poured into dark chocolate buttons.

Butter + the cream & chocolate mixture above + 15grams of Limoncino(add when cooled).

Afterwhich, the filling is piped into the chocolate shells which comes in the form of a cup. This chocolate with alcohol filling is not meant to be covered. Butter makes the filling shiny *bling bling*

OK..we did insufficient filling to fill 16 cups and we only had yellow paper cups to put them in -______-''' fugly.

The bottom of the cup and overall design of the mould.

Mango filling making..put all ingredients except white chocolate buttons and boil it.

Pour the boiling mixture into the white chocolate buttons and stir till fully melted.

No choice, we had to fill the empty cups with mango fillings.

The last time round, we did chocolates without using a thermometer *cos it went on a strike* . This time round, the chocolates turned out shiny..esp the <3

Overall chocolates we did. Some of the chocolate cups were filling with banana nut crunch cornflakes cos we had leftover molten chocolate.

Learnt a few lessons this time round:
1. Do not pipe half filled chocolate cups, always pipe it full. Its prettier this way ._.

2. Always add something sour to sweet fillings else everyone is gonna find them sweet. So in the case of mango filling, we didn't buy peach yogurt. The omission was a mistake.

3. Always keep hands parallel to ground when filling the base of the chocolate.