Chinatown excursion (06/12/08)

Sunday, December 07, 2008 Posted by YY on 7:56 PM

K and I decided to visit Chinatown during the weekend as we were considering to get a SPAR(brand) mixer. First place we visited was of course, the revamped 牛车水巴杀 hawker centre.

Chinatown is one of the places where we loved to visit when we were young especially the OG departmental store's toys section ^^''

We walked around the once familiar hawker centre trying to find our favourite stalls. Passed by this bak chor mee stall that was having a long queue and we decided to press on to search for other foods,

Then we chanced upon this stall, "Xiang Xiang Cooked Food" located at #02-68 selling 番薯蛋 for $1 8pcs.

Fantastic stuff!!! The texture and taste reminds me of how my granny used to make them when she was younger. It was so good that we returned and bought 8pcs more ._. total of 16pcs high calorie items.

While munching the sweet potato balls, we passed by the same stall (Teochew St. mushroom minced meat noodles) that was having a long queue just now. And the queue was continuously growing o.O So K decided to join the queue *out of pic* and for the next 25mins, I watched the elderly sat down near me, enjoying their bowl of noodles with chendol dessert :O

Finally it was K's turn. This is his Fishball noodles. Looks good, but tastes bland zzz -_-

The bak chor mee, which the stall name suggests..IS GREAT~ It tastes better when slightly warm, instead of piping hot. Luckily I wanted lesser noodles, else it would be too much for me to finish.

After our lunch, we decided to drop by this old dessert stall in Chinatown and had some ice shavings dessert. The above is green tea flavour. Its not very sweet, red beans are pretty good but well, its not really a MUST-try for me cos I have other favourite dessert stalls :\

Our main purpose was to get the SPAR machine, but the investment of $850 was alittle high so we decided to look around longer. Instead, we got a new chocolate mould which was cup design so that we can make cognac cups in them =D

Side view of the mould.

And a new thermometer to replace the old one which till now I have no idea why it broke down :@ And the best thing was, the Siah Huat (baking equipment store) gave us 20% off and wee~ it was only $47 for the mould and thermometer.

Time to make some cognac cups soon~


Comment by Anonymous on 8:14 PM

wow!! it looks sooooooo yummilious!! :D~ the old dessert stall in Chinatown (selling ice shavings dessert green tea flavour)... where exactly can i find it? is it in chinatown hawker centre? thanx!!!

Comment by YY on 9:33 PM

hi, it's actually called 味香园, outside the hawker centre, in the lane between Mac and CK dept store.