2nd attempt on macarons ._.

Monday, January 19, 2009 Posted by YY on 12:22 AM

K decided to attempt an online recipe on making macarons using italian meringue (pour hot sugar syrup into stiff egg white)method. He was confident of conquering the macarons and he set out on his task while I was cooking the pineapple tart jam over the stove.

However, it didn't work out fine when the intsructions said,"add the chocolate ganache into the italian meringue" cos the stiff eggwhite suddenly turned watery o.0

As the result this happened -> watery mixture, but we baked it anyway -> turned out feetless and cracked. K was disappointed and went on to play Beatmania to vent his frustration.

I wasn't about to give up and decided to use french meringue method since it was less troublesome. I preoccupied with beating the eggwhite and told K to mix in the dry ingredients (fine almond powder, icing sugar, choco powder).

Once the egg white got beaten to stiff stage, I turned over and ask,"Almond powder leh?" K replied nonchalantly,"Yah.. inside already"

As we piped the macarons out onto the baking sheet..

YY: "You grinded the almond powder already meh?"
K: "Eh no.."
K: "I thought won't succeed mah, so I never grind it lor" ._.
YY: "YOU SABO ME!" @%#&^@&%#^@$@$

We left the macarons to dry for the next 50mins *meanwhile I went to "screw" that koose upside down for sabotaging my macaron attempt*

After 50mins, the macarons were actually dry on the surface as though they were already baked..so this was what they meant by "surface is not sticky to touch anymore"??

The baked product above had uneven feet, duno if its due to rough almonds but the top didn't crack anymore.

I believe we are one tiny step closer to the Perfect Macaron.

Next week, we shall challenge each other again!
Italian meringue VS french meringue RAWR!!!!