Sankranti AGAIN ^^

Thursday, January 22, 2009 Posted by YY on 12:25 AM

Visited Sankranti again with a different group of friends, this time its the SGSBers for a lunch outing. Although it was our second visit, we still did not know what to order.
After some 15mins and flipping from front to back, back to front of the menu...we decided to order some curry, naan and chicken dum biryani.

Funny menu description for Juice Section. Orange juice..Need to say more?

We were wondering if free juice is available during lunch hours. Well, everyone got a cup of watermelon after we placed orders =D

When the waiter asked,"Drinks?" Everyone ordered a glass of Lime Mint but we didn't know what it was actually hahaha~ Then we sat there for the next 15mins, not knowing what to expect.

Lime mint is quite interesting cos it enters your mouth with a burst of mint leaves flavour and turns into sour lime at the next moment. *yum yum*

Finally food arrived and we were so hungry >_<''
Clockwise top left: 1. Tandoori Murg (Full) - Tandoori Chicken, full of charcoal grill flavour. We suspect its done by a different chef this time round cos it actually tasted better!

2. Cheese Naan - Also tasted better today. Yum~

3a. Mutter Methi Malai - We order this dish without knowing what it was. This dish is simply about peas and white cashew sauce which was very flavourful and AWESOME!

3b. Masam Iguru - Mutton Curry. This curry was pretty alright at first with no hint of spiciness, however we started fanning our tongues as we ate. This was Damien's favourite and he actually finished the whole pot of curry while panting and exclaiming that its spicy but he can't stop LOL~

3c. Chicken Dum Biryani - Ordered to feed hungry men.

4. Fish curry - Very little fish inside and also spciy after few mouthfuls. This fish curry was different from the mutton's K started wondering how many types of curry do they have in their kitchen??!!

5. Pudina Naan - Not in pic. Mint leaves Naan.

Everything was gone in 30mins o.o! And all gave thumbs up for the meal =D
Meanwhile, the SGSBers were poking around the chilli sauce containers and discovered this strange looking pickle in red sauce.

Presenting the SGSB Challenge - Sankranti's Pickles Challenge!
K tried one piece of pickle and ended up..Damien tried first and he had the same expression lol~

We decided to give up our seats for the waiting customers and the total bill came up to $83.05 for 5 persons, well not bad at all~ While we were at the cashier, Beast picked up some seeds from this glass placed and the seeds tasted minty and sweet. I wonder what this is but it really did freshen our mouths again o.0

In the next few days, everyone was craving for Sankranti again. We will be back!