2nd attempt on pineapple tarts/balls

Monday, January 26, 2009 Posted by YY on 9:45 PM

As we had like 2-3 egg yolks leftover from macarons challenge, we just had to re-attempt pineapple tarts before the festive season is over.

*Wonders what we should do with future leftover egg yolks*

K's mum bought 3 pineapples for $2++ only! Nice fragrant stuff~

Following the same recipe for the dough and pineapple jam this time except that we added extra 25g butter to the dough and used fresh pineapples. Vast difference in terms of color between canned and fresh pineapple jam o.0

And this time K made the dough and pineapple jam on his own during the previous night.

It was a race against time as the weather was quite sunny resulting in the butter in the dough to melt faster than expected. K separated the pineapple balls into 1/2 measuring spoon portions while I rolled them into balls.

2 pineapples makes 34balls..that's little. -_-'

Finally done~! This time it tastes exactly like what's sold outside YUM YUM~
Fresh pineapples FTW!