Happy CNY to all~

Sunday, February 01, 2009 Posted by YY on 12:05 AM

Went to trim and dye my hair @ the last minute, on CNY eve.
I had a good mind to change color or something..but well, blonde suits me so much that I have had it for the past 7 years O.o''

This time, I went into Auntie Annie's shop and she asked me,"Xiaomei, what you want to do today?" I replied that I wanted to dye but don't know which color to choose.

The next thing Annie suggested was, to try the color that one of the customers had just dyed and I actually said ok immediately lol~

Dark brown hair..still looks odd to me in the mirror.

On the 1st day of CNY, we dropped by Crookie's to visit them and drop them their new year goodies. But the 3 kittens were not around..I guessed the kids terrorized the hell outta them so they hid themselves. But Crookie heard us calling her and there she is..looking nervous due to the crowd+cars around.

There's K with Crookie, she ignored me cos she couldn't recognise me with boots on =((

I had a hard time looking for something decent in Singapore zzz~ In the end, I bought a leopard dress and 2 vests (1 black fur $22, 1 brown sheepfur $29) from Far East Plaza. It was really last minute for the black vest cos all the shops were closing and it was the LAST PIECE..coincidentally that's the shop where I bought my fur bag last year!

Left pic is CNY 1st day's attire. Boots from Taiwan auctions, black fur vest, leopard dress and fur bag...unfortunately coupled with a not-so-natural smile cos the bus was arriving at the bus stop >_>''.

Right pic is CNY 2nd day's attire. Sorta gothic feel dark brown & black checkered dress with heels from Taiwan. I quite like this combination, however this required some special hairdo else the whole thing looks PLAIN like JANE. In the end, I had my hair randomly pinned up like last year.

Special thanks to YJ for the leather+fur+silver accessories round my neck.

Oh and happy CNY to all~ HUAT AH!