Crookie is so cute

Thursday, February 05, 2009 Posted by YY on 11:44 PM

We found Crookie recently ^^ She now resides at the rubbish collection area >_>
Every evening we would drop by to feed her dinner.

A few weeks ago, Crookie kept meowing for us when we seems like she was unsettled about her new home cos the junk was piling up and she couldn't enter her sleeping quarters.

Just a few days ago, Crookie was trotting after us round a bend, when a guy was taking his Jack Russell for a walk. Right after the bend, Crookie came into eye to eye contact with the dog that was about 1 metre away from her. Her immediate defence was to curl the body upwards and appear larger by fluffing up all her fur.

After the dog left *without any barking*, Crookie came towards us with her tail still fluffed up! She was trembling and unsettled while stepping around the same spot with her fluffy tail. But once Crookie calmed down, her tail became normal again. *cute*

But yesterday, we see a change in her O_O
Some naughty noisy children came by and tried to stomp their feet(they have done that MANY TIMES!) to scare her *while she was standing beside us*

Crookie actually stood her ground and went growling and hissing!
Ok I know those stupid kids won't get frightened off but its really surprising to see Crookie on the offensive side. Coincidentally, K's finger was pointing at Crookie and Crookie hissed at his finger as well -_-'

Suddenly, the black male came along.
And the next thing we knew was, he got paw-ed on the snout by Crookie.*PWNED*
We guessed it was because he intruded her home XDDDdd But still, that black male went in and sprayed his urine around zzz~

Crookie baobao at one of her cutest moments. ^^ <3