14th Feb 09 Valentine's Day @ Izakaya Tamako

Sunday, February 15, 2009 Posted by YY on 12:29 AM

This year's vday is a low budget production too, we didn't want to go anywhere with vday menus..lest we become carrots.

All set to go for dinner, at a cheap Japanese restaurant with 2nd hand smoke -.-' at 7.30pm
Oops, I forgot to take a pic of K and myself. This year's vday, no pic.

It's our second time here actually, within the same week. This small restaurant is located on the second floor-> directly above Concorde Hotel (old Le Meridien Hotel) food court.

The chef in charge of yakitori items. I am quite particular about hygiene and the chef doesn't give me enough confidence -.-

But let's put that aside..they say "Never see how the food is cooked else you won't want to eat it"
Seaweed in vinegar as free appetiser.

Miso mackerel $5.80

Yakitori set $12, 5 assorted sticks of your choice. In above there's chicken wing, chicken gizzard, pork belly, asparagus and golden mushrooms with pork. Not bad..sprinkled with chicken powder and Japanese spices.

Natto $3.80 , but we were charged $3.50 cos the bill was wrong. Above, nattou with soy sauce and mustard..K's favourite.

I am not a fan of squid BUT THIS IS MY FAV. Squid in mayo, Ikamayo at $5.80.

Ton Teri, which is pork skin and some flesh in sweet soy sauce kindda stuff. I am really glad that all the fats can be removed quite easily. Ton Teri at $5.80.

Charcoal grilled mussells, 5pcs for $12. Very worth eating it according to K.
Bill reflects $40..but we ordered 6 items o.O think we got a free squid or something. ^^'

Ok, to be honest..the food is seriously quite cheap for its quantity/quality.
We had pork curry the other day and it costs $7.80, miso grilled onigiri for $3.80..yum yum~ And there's no 7%, 10% charges here, all prices are nett.

If you are fine with a small dining area that accomodates 10+ people and smoking in aircon restaurant..this could be just the place for you =X