Somewhere hidden away @ The Central

Friday, February 20, 2009 Posted by YY on 12:06 AM

Had dinner with Beng today and he said he will bring me to a secret place hmm~~
We arrived at 5th floor of The Central after dinner.

Right in front of us is this weird metal doors that looks like a elevator.

This secret place has got some basic dress code and doesn't open on Sundays.

Beng then proceeded to press one of the buttons beside the "elevator".

Ahh~ here we are in Helipad. This is the 1st storey, air conditioned seats.

Very dimly lit. There's also a door that leads to some standing tables, where you can chat, drink, stand and enjoy the view of Singapore's night life.

Beng said its so dim that you can do anything at the table and no one sees it *yea right*

Stepping out of the door, we walk up this flight of stairs.

Up up and away! Looked down and saw the top most storey of the multi storey carpark.

2nd storey of Helipad. W00t! Super ambience with natural winds.

I ordered a Shirley Temple and Beng had Helipad's Ice Tea..$9 and $18 nett respectively.

The ambience here is fantastic except that music is lousy. Drinks wise, the quality is ok nothing special. But hey there's 1 for 1 during Happy Hours for beer and selected drinks, not too bad a place to chill out after dinner especially with the cool night winds.