Chimilogy Guild & Frens gathering @ Sankranti (02/01/09)

Saturday, January 03, 2009 Posted by YY on 11:40 AM

Back in 2004, a bunch of us got to "know" each other through MapleStory (Maplesea), and together we formed Chimilogy guild. Though most of us don't play maple anymore, mapleSTORY (yah full of trade scams and hunting/selling of equipment) stays with us *or at least for now*

Why we are meeting up in 2009 for dinner? Cos one of our maple friend from Australia is here in SG ^^ According to her bf, she has not tried Indian Cuisine yet so here we are in Little India for the authentic India experience.

I did some "research" (pressing of keyboard actually) and found Sankranti from This restaurant fits the budget and reviews looks pretty good.

5 of us walked ONE BIG ROUND in search for 100 Syed Alwi Road..cos K refused to believe that its just beside Mustafa. But basically, it is really just across one small lane from Mustafa.
Do note that Sankranti is located on the second floor, cos there's one Indian restaurant by another name downstairs *weird*

We finally arrived at 8pm and there's virtually no one in the restaurant except for 2 tables. K got alittle worried about the lack of customers cos it can only mean one thing, the food sux @_@''

We sat down and to my surprise some other maplers from our guild will be joining us as well.
So meanwhile we sat down and the waiter served us plain water and this yellow juice. Hmm its actually pineapple juice with pulp in it O_O YUMMY!!

I think we took a good old 20mins to decide what to order. So the rest started chatting, while K "analyzed" the menu. After some recommendations from the waiter, we ordered food to be shared among the 8 of us. *however, one of them ate before arriving, so we had one person down!*

Ok let's start introducing the food we ordered:

On the left: Garlic Naan. Reminds me of garlic bread =D
On the right: Pudina Naan. This naan has got mint leaves scattered on it. Pretty refreshing.

Cheese naan, slurp~ nothing revolting or overpowering, just nice and cheesy enough. Butter naan came later on, but I didn't take any pics cos they look the same basically -.-'

Dipping sauce(bottom to top): yogurt with onions and peanut sauce. They are meant to be eaten with the biryani dum dishes.

Clockwise top left onwards:
1. Tandoori chicken. The full chicken is there according to the menu, though we don't think so. This tandoori chicken is juicy, soft unlike those dry and hard ones from Al Ameen. Fantastic stuff. Must-try!
2. Chicken Tawa Masala.
3. Kheema Methi Mutter. Contains peas that were cooked till soft and its very good with naan. Must-try!
4. Fish Tikka Masala. Bits of fish inside with gravy tastes good with naan too.

Items 2~4 all matches the naans pretty well.

The Egg Dum Biryani (reddish colored rice) and Chicken Dum Biryani. Rice was fluffy, so soft that it didn't feel like rice. The eggs were just right, yolks were not overcooked and eggwhite were soft but not runny. The difference between the two is that, egg dum biryani had 2 eggs buried in the rice, while the chicken dum biryani had one egg on top and some chunks of chicken inside.

I think we overestimated everyone's appetite and the "dums" were half finished, so the morale of the story is order less naan cos its filling -.-

Halfway during the dinner, Ong started wondering why were indian customers not served this pineapple juice. So he decided to ask the friendly waiter and the waiter replied as a matter of factly,"Some want, some don't want." He got pwned by the waiter! Lol~
After the meal, Ong requested for more pineapple juice and the waiter glady obliged ^^ Later I realised that the pineapple juice comes FOC!

At about 9pm, the whole restaurant was suddenly full house and there was even people waiting near the door o.O so we called for the bill.

The bill came up to:

Chicken Dum Biryani - $9
Egg Dum Biryani - $6.50
Tandoori Murg(full) - $17.50
Kheema Methi Mutter - $11.50
Fish Tikka Masala - $9.50
Chicken Tawa Masala - $9.50
Butter Naan - $3 x 2
Garlic Naan - $3 x 2
Cheese Naan - $3 x 2
Pudina Naan - $3 x 2
Masala Tea - $2.50 x 2

Grand Total - $101.75 (w svc charge)
After GST..hey there's no GST in this restaurant o.o

All of them - 1(who didn't eat) gave thumbs up for Sankranti, I am so glad that the Indian food expedition turned out fine =)