The season to "waste money" has arrived

Thursday, January 08, 2009 Posted by YY on 12:36 AM

A peek into my facebook account when it was just created, shows one secondary school classmate got married and went to England. Subsequently, after 1.5 seems MOST if not all secondary school classmates got married/ROMed.

Why's everyone trodding the same path? I wondered.

Was at Good Wood Park Hotel last sunday, at K's friend wedding dinner.

I am attending two wedding dinners in 7 days and its really taxing on the wallet.
Mind you its not even high quality food(in general you know) to start with and spending like what 100bucks on it?!!??
Wtf. Ok, I admit that I am a scrooge.

And back to facebook, in case you were wondering how much I spent on attending these secondary school friends' wedding I didn't attend any of them.
Why? I wasn't invited, but no hard feelings.

Let's put it this way, I wouldn't think of inviting them to mine either XDDD