Buibin is officially a mama now!

Sunday, March 08, 2009 Posted by YY on 12:43 AM

Buibin is 10mths old. She's just like a kitten but she's to be a mama now =(
She's supposed to be tipped ear BUT she escaped from the cage during the previous attempt to neuter the kitties.

About 1 month ago, we started noticing her pink swollen nipples and she got rounder and rounder. We read up on cat pregnancy and it says that the meows of a cat going into labour is odd, so much so you will know once you hear it.

The video below was taken on 27th Feb 09 morning hours during breakfast feeding. Buibin ate her share and started meowing oddly while going in and out of the drain many times. We guessed that the "nest" maybe in the drain. What a place to give birth in >_> Subsequently, she didn't appear for dinner..we presumed she must be busy giving birth.

We went back on a28th Feb 09, Saturday morning to make sure Buibin and her newborns are fine. I walked around for awhile before Buibin ran out from the bush and mewed loudly. This is buibin begging for one more pack of cat food. We were really glad to see her fine and lively...with a little saggy stomach.

On the following monday, we heard some whimperings from the tables and chairs left at one corner of the Senior Citizens' Corner. We peered in and saw them..2 kittens >_<' 3rd March 09: 3 days old kittens.
4th March 09: 4 days old.

5th March 09: 5 days old. One is lighter color like BBMM and another is darker in color.

5th March 09, evening hours: Finally caught a glimpse of the dark color kitten's face. So cute!

6th March 09: 6 days old kittens, close up on darker kitten's face. They remind me of pugs lol~

8th March 09: 8 days old kittens.
We saw them move and opened their eyes today =D And....they have tails >_< K was so YG (yok gan) that he stroked one of the kitten's head -.-

Hope those idiotic kids won't find them in their flower pot T_T