Something scary happened...

Tuesday, March 10, 2009 Posted by YY on 12:00 AM

Last friday, zaizai was missing during dinner hours. When we went back on Sunday to look for her specially, she didn't appear either. This morning, only buibin and luilui appeared for breakfast..where's my zaizai?

No choice, we had to start work so we went over the overhead bridge and tapped our cards to enter the secure swirvel gate. Suddenly we heard some meows and decided to turn back. Out came zaizai from the bushes under the overhead bridge @_@ how did she get here? What we feared most happened *cos they followed us up the bridge before*

Was she waiting for us???? I took out the dried food can and shaked it while she followed us back to her original place.

There's K in front, with zaizai rubbing her scent all over the place with her facial scent glands -_-

From the way she marked the railing/steps on the bridge, I knew she would be back. Indeed she reappeared during lunch as well and we led her back. And after work too O_O WTF?

We led her back and I could see she was reluctant to follow =(

Update: I just received news that ks heard a cat wailing outside office when he left office. It must be zaizai T_T

I am so sad.

Other updates:
Crookie and luilui have been sent for neutering by kopitiam auntie YAY~!