Centre PS @ Guan Chuan Street

Saturday, April 11, 2009 Posted by YY on 12:54 AM

I was googling on Guan Chuan Street and Moh Guan Terrace in images when I chanced upon Centre Ps, which means Centre Pieces. I was attracted by the reviews on their Macarons and decided to make our way here on a rainy night.

Moh Guan Terrace is a very special place because of the U shaped balconys ahhh~ pretty houses. You can find out more at Tiong Bahru Estate Blog =D

Centre Ps is located in this quiet neighbourhood filled with pre-war flats, it totally stands out with the lollipop colors so you can't possibly miss this. *I love bright colors*

We stepped into the shop and was greeted by the friendly owner, Steven. There are 2 chairs and 1 table in the shop. As we were there near closing hours, I wondered if they bring out tables and chairs for al fresco dining experience during earlier timings.

I particularly love this Macaron lollipop stand @_@

Some media coverage on Steven Ong, o.O 20years of experience.

We ordered one Citrusphere, $7. It consists of whipped meringue on the outside. So its kind of foam like with citrus flavour.

The inside is some Hazelnut praline and mini chocolate balls.

And two macarons at $2 each. The chef is famed for his macarons and that makes us excited hee~ We chose 2 flavours, Caramel with Fleur De Sel (Brown color) and Passion Banana(Yellow and Orange color). The chef then advised us to allow the macarons to return to room temperature before eating *well the freezer was set at 3 degrees celcius*

While we were having our meringue, the chef brought out 2 sample sized "Martel"(Les Verrines Collection) from his kitchen, citing that they were about to close and this is for us. Awww how nice of him!

The white cream had cognac inside, but it was not too overwhelming and a non drinker like me actually found it pretty nice especially when eaten with the chocolate cream and coco powder. The chocolate was in a semi soft state so everything pretty much compliment each other. There was also some bits of crunchy "crik crok", ok we have no idea what that is..either nuts or biscuits.

Finally, Passion Banana Macaron. One bit into the macaron, I tasted Banana flavouring and then some sourness from the Passion fruit flavouring in the buttercream filling. What macaron shell??? I didn't have to chew any, it melted. Ok now we both know, Canelé and Bakerzin are selling crap macarons.

Caramel and Fleur De Sel Macaron. One bite into it, K tasted the saltiness from the grains of Fleur De Sel then caramel buttercream. This combination was really good.

It was so good that K was sold for $0.00

Oh~ an award for their Macarons..they certainly deserved the award.
What satisfying desserts we had...YUMMY~

Note that Centre Ps does not open on Sundays and closes at 9pm from Mon to Saturday.


Comment by mirrror on 1:39 PM

This definitely looks good. Especially now i'm super into dessert. Where's Guan Chuan Street? Anywhere near east?

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