Kazu Sumi Yaki @ Cuppage Plaza (16/04/09)

Monday, April 20, 2009 Posted by YY on 12:34 AM

We decided to try this restaurant because of Kevin's recommendation on their dessert called Snow Drop. It was a very busy night for the restaurant, we waited for about 10mins before we had the menu in our hands. And gosh..the menu was hard to read and order -_-'''

Sumiyaki Rock (Coffee and Shochu) for K and Oolong tea for me.

Mix Kinoko(mixed mushroom) not bad but the amount was miserly @ $5

Shishito (Grilled mini green peppers), not bad in terms of taste but $3 for this stick of veggie is...

We decided that we need something to fill us up =( garlic rice, $6.

Some other yakitori items we ordered includes chicken balls, beef with cheese, pork rolled with basil, pork with avocado and duck stick.

Ika Geso(grilled squid tentacles), $3 and beef balls.
Of all these items, beef balls were the best. The rest were mediocre, really.

The reason why we came here, snow drop @ $8.50. Looks pretty artistic with all those sugar art.

There's so much different kinds of tastes going on that we thought it might be overly complicated. Caramelised custard, green tea ice cream, blueberry sauce, mochi skin, banana flavours(from somewhere), almond biscuit. -__-

The bill came up to near $60. Seriously, I have no idea what's good on the menu but the rest of the items are seriously expensive. I would still recommend Yakitori Uma for yakitori cravings.