Cosy Dinner @ Tavolo(17/04/09)

Monday, April 20, 2009 Posted by YY on 11:45 PM

We wanted to drop by Tavolo since many weeks ago but only had the chance today.
The menu was simple so we chose a set meal $80 and 1 crab linguine..well, french fare is never cheap.

Set meal for dinner:
Appetiser: Foie Gras Cold & Hot (need to add $10 to the cost of set meal)
Main: Braised Veal Cheek
Main: Mushroom Risotto
Dessert: Dessert of the day
Drink: Tea/Coffee

Extra main ordered: Crab Meat Linguine

Overall cosy country style ambience at Tavolo.
The waiter was attentive and asked if we wanted to split every dish from the set meal and linguine into 2 portions and that was what we actually wanted!

Hmm raw tuna with cheese and olive bits. I guess this is part of the appetiser.

All pictures depict HALF the portion of the full size dish.
This appetiser - Cold Hot Foie Gras blew us away. FANTASTIC, RICH stuff!
From left to right: grilled pineapple, cold foie gras, crusty fragrant bread, hot foie gras, banana banana compote.

The black dots were the sauce, which I suspected was concentrated plum sauce.
Cold foie gras with bread was fantastic, it was really rich and fragrant that we rubbed the foie gras against the roof of our mouths using our tongue. The pineapple was sweet and gave us a refreshing feel. In comparison, the hot foie gras was not that spectacular.
Banana compote was quite good, it gave us a change of flavours in between the rich foie gras.

To our surprise, half the portion for each of us was quite filling. In fact, I started feeling something in my tummy when I finished the appetiser.

Next up, mushroom risotto. It's quite filling despite the small portions..this is weird.
Pretty creamy and full of mushroom flavours but I think K's latest attempt on the risotto tastes better.

The crab linguine we ordered in case portions were small. It was quite nice with lots of crab meat but alas we were feeling quite full by now!

And there's the braised veal cheek which was really big despite being halved -_-'
Flavourful and soft.

Ordered cappuccino, it came out of the coffee maker with cinnamon powder and really yummy cookies that complimented the coffee real well. It was thoughtful of them to prepare 2 portions of cookies =D

And dessert..*we were trying to find space for it* was a vanilla ice cream and chocolate cream with passion fruit puree and raspberry, almond biscuit, chocolate stick for additional tastes.

The whole experience came up to about $120+ which was quite ok, considering the portions that were given. I do think that we should have shared the set meal instead cos we were extremely bloated by the end of it.

Excellent service and pretty good food, but the dessert menu needs some serious additions though.