Puggy has reappeared but...

Friday, June 26, 2009 Posted by YY on 12:36 AM

We were told by the feeder auntie that a kitten of the same color as Crookie recently appeared(about 10th June 09) near Crookie's area. For the next few days, we combed the area but we couldn't see/hear any kitten noises. One evening, we finally hear a kitten mewing in the drain and out it came..could this be puggy who went missing at 3 weeks old???

Well, the drain area where it reappeared coincides with the account of one of the grannies who said the kids took the kitten to block 6. So we are convinced by the size, color, age, gender that this should be Puggy!

For the next two days, we couldn't find him again but he reappeared one fine morning at Block 1 where bbmm, zzm and llm roam.

15th June 09:
This is LLM sniffing Puggy.

The coat color looks just like zzm, who is Puggy's mother's -> BBMM's sibling.
Puggy is a hungry kitty who went "melllllllllllllmelllllllll" while jumping.

He's so thin :'( I wonder who took him away when he was 3weeks old and why is he back on the streets again.

Sad look in Puggy's eyes.

16th June 09:
We came on another morning and saw Puggy playing with 2 malay boys. They said that they will take care of him..We hope so.

Here's Puggy after a full meal, lying on his back. Just like Crookie, bbmm, zzm, llm..puggy has the trademark white mouth too, that's what makes them even cuter! >_<
I saw the malay boys cradled Puggy so I prompted K to try it as well.
Puggy was not really in the mood to be cradled but he stayed put.

K said he felt like a father and his baby is a kitten LOL~
Suddenly, K hummed some random mewing song and Puggy looks up stunned with his hands straight down.

17th June 09:
Didn't manage to see Puggy till the boys brought him down during dinner time. Puggy is quite attached to them already, I hope they will love Puggy well.

Precious moment for bbmm and Puggy, reunion of the mother and son. It seems like bbmm does sort of recall Puggy's scent cos bbmm didn't hiss at Puggy and even licked his ear tip after the meal.

After the meal, Puggy was poking his nose around the area and bbmm looked from a distance with this blur look on her face. Could she be recalling about her babies?

However, this is the last time we saw Puggy and the boys didn't come down to play lately too ='( , let's hope Puggy is fine.