I ate a scorpion

Monday, June 15, 2009 Posted by YY on 12:12 AM

Today's K's granny's birthday dinner..
Time to wear my new dress from last last week's bargains, thought it would be too sweet but seems like putting on a pink ball rubberband is still ok LOL~

K's having a stomach upset, so I camwhored abit >_>''' And this kitty pose from Asian Poses, something new to me.

At the restaurant. We were supposed to visit the kitties, but thought we would be too late so we skipped that. Behind us, are some previous herbs and dried whole lizard, deer penis..etc etc -_-'

Inspired by "Night at Museum 2"...I am thinking.

As dinner was nearing the end, the waitress came over and asked if we wanted to try scorpions. Being adventurous, we ordered one each round the table. Soon the scorpions came and hmm~ K's scorpion looks FAT N JUICY ewwww~~

This is mine. It has this weird taste when I chewed the body and the tail together cos entire scorpion came off from the fried whatever, in the first bite. The weird taste was like woody..or maybe musky??

K's juicy one. He enjoyed the tail particularly.

Finally we can say, we tried scorpions before =D