Support for an entrepreneur from EDMW (06/06/09)

Sunday, June 14, 2009 Posted by YY on 11:56 PM

This is actually a long overdue visit we were supposed to make to Amulet's stall located at Bukit Batok industrial area. I wanted to visit her stall as I admired her entrepreneurial spirit, being a hawker is really tedious and requires tonnes of hardwork.

We actually rushed down today morning as we heard she's closing her stall and partly due to the fact that some EDMWers will be going down, so we had more information from the forum thread before this.

We alighted at the wrong stop -.-' so we walked for 15mins before finally finding this place >=0
Some said putting her baby's pic on the signboard was unprofessional, but I don't think so cos we are talking about an easily identifiable stall name/logo here.

We ordered the ngoh hiang, beehoon+noodle+kway tiao, fried egg and veggie. Tasted not bad overall...the ngoh hiang, egg and kway tiao was especially good.

Some edmwers were already eating when we arrived and since we didn't post our attendance in the thread, we decided to remain anonymous. Then some of them suspected us to be edmwers, so later on the organiser decided to call us to the main table. We joined them for awhile, but had no common topic so we left. Well, actually both of us were lurkers and what can we chat about since we are meeting for the first time, there's this silent awkwardness unlike the rest who are more talkative.

Btw, edmw is one of the most happening forums with the fastest updates and beats the 154th media anytime.