Some fucker abused my kitties

Friday, June 12, 2009 Posted by YY on 11:52 PM

This is pretty sick..for the past 1 week something happened to LLM, BBMM, ZZM
First it started with llm and bbmm both down with limping front left leg, except llm had a more serious injury than bbmm.

Then when llm was about to recover after 4 days, she was down with another injury. This time its her hind left paw, it seems like a thorn is stuck in her pad or she got stung cos the paw swelled for the next few days =(

We registered a vet appointment for her, but she seems fine today. Maybe we should continue to monitor instead of putting her through the trauma of going to the vet in the carrier >_>'

Wed morning:
Back to zzm, we visited all 3 of them on wednesday morning. Fed them and we sat down at the Senior Citizens' Corner. Zzm came over and hopped up the stone chair.

At the same time, there was this half naked Uncle with a tattoo on his arm, sitting on the stone bench. He raised his fist as if wanting to hit zzm. K got scared and signalled me to leave.
As we had something on, we had to leave asap else there is no time to make the chocs and cake for my friend.

After we left, we headed to the nearby kopitiam for breakfast and that was where we saw the other feeder, Auntie Ping. She told us that her friend who feeds the kitties in the morning noticed this man who is sitting downstairs half naked, stared at her when she fed the cats. Another thing was that, her friend would fill up the waterbowls and find them emptied later. She suspected that the half naked man emptied the waterbowl. Upon hearing that, we nodded in agreement because the man was around this morning too and was hostile to zzm.

Thursday morning:
We saw the kitties and noticed that zzm had the same injury, left front limping leg as llm and bbmm. SOMETHING IS NOT RIGHT!

So who abused my poor kitties ='(