Self rewarding week & Da Vinci Exhibition

Monday, June 01, 2009 Posted by YY on 12:07 AM

Have been burdened by this certification exam for sometime..its finally over!
And its time to reward myself, however these are short term gratification as guilt follows shortly after -_-''

I have some long overdue shopping which was done during this week..ouch~ my wallet hurts.
Think the total came up to 2K+ ~_~
- Upgrade facial package
- Clothes ( 2 levis, 2 working tops, 2 working pants, 2 dresses, 1 casual top for fridays)
- Baking course for artisan breads

And there's still shoes and bags that I need to replace ._.''

I spent my entire Saturday shopping at Far East Plaza and Taka and it was rewarding. The main reason I like shopping is because I love to look for bargains. Well, as a rule of the thumb, I only buy things that are worth what they are. Too costly? Next please.

I am happy with my purchases especially the Levis Jeans. Not quite due to the brand, but because they had the 2 pairs for $99 and there was boot cut designs! Boot cut designs are rare these days, don't know what's nice about skinnys though. Esprit working tops are decent enough at $30 each. 2 dresses at $12.90 each, it says no trying so I kept my fingers crossed...luckily it fit me just right.

We went to the Science Centre, Singapore on Sunday using Corporate Passes. Yay for free entry.

$2 off Da Vinci Exhibition tickets -> $13. Well, its worth your every cent.

The famous drawing, all about the golden ratio.

We spent about 3 hours in the Da Vinci Exhibition and we couldn't get enough lol~
I can't help but shake my head, regarding the horse that Da Vinci spent 16 years on. He could have achieved so much more *sigh*

And unfortunately, the Science Centre closes at about 6pm else we could have stayed longer.

One best quote from Da Vinci:
Marriage is like putting your hands in a bag of snakes hoping to find an eel.