Someone abandoned a box of 3 kittens (24/05/09)

Sunday, May 31, 2009 Posted by YY on 12:40 AM

These 3 kittens were found abandoned on 24th May 2009 morning, under woodlands block 173 void deck.
They were in a card board box sleeping quietly when K saw them, they look about 1-2 weeks old.

K was holding a pack of raw fish, so he returned home first before going down to look at these cute kittens. They were unable to walk, yet someone placed a small cup of milk outside the box..LOL? I arrived in a taxi shortly and took these pics and placed them on hope that some kind soul will bring them home asap as they need mum's milk/kittens' formula.

Why didn't we buy the kitten formula for them? Well, K has a point..he says if we buy the formula, we can only feed them for TODAY.
What about tomorrow?
And the day after?
Are we prolonging their time in a cruel sense instead?

They remind me of bearbear and puggy ='(


So cute...but their owner doesn't want them.
When we returned at night (after some postings and bumping of thread, no one adopted the kittens though) and the kittens were not there anymore.

I hope a kind soul took them in, or someone sent them to meet their maker.