Have been zhng-ing my stuffs lately

Sunday, July 26, 2009 Posted by YY on 12:06 AM

Just a short update..

Bought this BNWT ripcurl bikini from ebay, hmm pretty good except that the straps are wrongly positioned..or should I say design fault?

Anyway, to correct this problem(of zaogeng)..I cut a pair of hooks off some bra strap and sewn them onto what I deemed as the correct position a.k.a more towards the centre. Tried adding new paddings to it, but this bandeu design does not have wired cups so paddings will only make the top"leave" my chest.
Zzz so no paddings and there's going to a Changi Airport when I wear this. But well luckily I have my tankini which is safer for water sports, so this bikini will be solely for tanning purposes.

Been DIY-ing some victorian style pearl necklace. I am using swarovski pearls, toggle clasp and a victorian cameo(bought from Far East Plaza). It looks kind of boring now cos I need some black colors on it..maybe black lace or some black beads(I can grab some from a necklace that I dun wear anymore)

I love DIY, maybe I should get a sewing machine soon.