Gaijins in Japan!

Saturday, August 01, 2009 Posted by YY on 12:26 AM

K and I are going to Japan on NWA from 1st Aug 09 to 15th Aug 09.
He says he isn't really excited cos he doesn't know what to expect.
Silly boy -.-'

We will leave my place at 3am which is 2.5hours from now..I am sleepy zzz~
My wish to that we can visit 90% if not all of the places we planned in the itinerary.

- Tokyo(mainly)
- Kawagoe
- Hakone
- Shonan
- Enoshima
- Kamakura(maybe)
- And of course 2 outlet stores are planned for =D

Festivals during the trip:
- Bon Dance (4th Aug to 7th Aug) at Asakusa
- Enoshima Fireworks (4th Aug) at Enoshima

*Pray for fair weather*