Post editing in progress

Friday, August 21, 2009 Posted by YY on 10:55 AM

Back from Japan for 5 days, I am not digesting Singapore food for weird reasons?!
Tokyo is a pretty interesting city, however I would say that Taiwan is more FUN than Tokyo. Probably due to the fact that I prefer the sea, nature, wild flowers..going to a park to admire flowers is not my cup of tea.

Have been busy with post editing for the Japan trip pics, hopefully I can get them done by end of the week. Guess I will be looking out for more options before deciding where to host my travel review as blogspot upload function is really really troublesome.

It's pretty bad that I haven got mood to work. Not really due to holiday mood I would say, but its the dread of doing these stuff. I hope I will be doing something else within the next 1 year *GOSH*

Right now, I should look forward to my artisan bread course starting this Sunday.