ZZM and BBMM are now officially part of the Tipped Ear Clan

Saturday, May 16, 2009 Posted by YY on 11:18 PM

Zzm was missing during dining time since last friday, I thought to myself maybe she went to give birth.

Fast forward to Monday, I was shaking my can of dried food expecting bbmm and llm to appear but zzm came meowing instead. I looked and wondered if she looked slimmer => gave birth. Meanwhile I squatted down to pour out the dried food and had a shock of my life! zzm is tipped ear!!! OMG?!

Later in the noon, I went to look for the auntie and it turned out that she had brought for ZZM for neutering and well the vet said 'OK' so they proceeded O_O
Poor zzm and her unborn kittens ='( Zzm was so whiny and kept meowing when I looked at her.

Tuesday morning, I signalled her to come up my lap. She made a 180 turn on my lap and rested her head on lap. When I took out my camera, she made a few adjustments.

Resting her hands on my wrist. Zzm has a habit of resting her paw paw on my arms when she's on my lap.

Still resting her paws on my arm and her head resting on her paws. Meow~

She needs some tender loving care =( I gave her some *Pat Pat* and she seems to be comforted by it. Later on, she also rested her head on my chest and she's such a cutie >_<
While I chatted with the auntie, she told me she sent zzm back and took bbmm away for neutering as well. OH MY~~~ now my new year wishes have been fulfiled =D

Here's bbmm back on the 3rd day. I found her later in the evening sleeping on her back, she's really whiny but she had her normal huge appetite =) One thing is..bbmm seems to have slimmed considerably in the 3 days, K commented bbmm's head shrunk or maybe should I say her cheeks? Lol~

Seems like the wound still hurts alot, so bbmm rested in this pose for the next 5mins
Unglam -.-'' I noticed there's some red flesh..is that her raw flesh? I hope the vet had sewn bbmm's tummy well, I am worried. And I wanna complain..they cut too much of her ears!